The studio

Project accompaniment

  • Help with recording / making an album
  • Realization of instrumental, electronic tracks for an album
  • Personalized technical assistance (home-studio, live configuration …)
  • Repetition aid, instrument course


  • Music composition & production masterclass
  • Sound recording & mixing masterclass


  • Mixing prestation


The conferences

Journey to the heart of the electronic night

Unforgettable festivals, destinies of scientific inventions, political revolutions … From Kingston to Berlin, linked together by a soundtrack, I propose to relive these intense moments that have forever transformed the landscape of electronic music. 70 years of history … or was it just one night?

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Instruments & techniques of electronic music

Discover the evolution of electronic music instruments and techniques from the 60s to today, and learn to imitate and reproduce a “vintage” approach with today’s tools.

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Fun & Educational Workshops

For young people, from 7 to 77 years … to find out more, click on the workshop that interests you.

  • Learn how to make a remix
  • Sound match against grandma
  • Sound a short film
  • Composing your first song from A to Z
  • Sound hunting
  • The catalogue

Banks of sound

  • Roland SH-09 x Roland Space Echo RE-150
  • Casio PT-20