Presented for the first time at the “Bourse du Travail” in Lyon, this project springs from the meeting between producer Jaysper and a team of young musicians passionate about oriental cultures.
Plebiscited at the Nuits Sonores Festival (Extra ! Mint Tea) and confirmed by the 2017 edition of the Disco Hammam in Marseille, this explosive cocktail impulses a singular and striking energy.
Between club culture and traditional instrumentations (Turkey, Egypt, Maghreb …), this bewitching journey deepens the roots of dance music, creating a deep link between tradition and modernity.
  • Jérémie ESPERET (Jaysper) – Electronic instruments
  • Carole MARQUE BOUARET – Turkish Clarinets, saz, chant
  • Mathieu CHEVALET – Oud
  • Joris CINTERO – Electric guitar
  • Alexandre ESPERET – Traditional percussions